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International Summer School

17 August 2019 to 25 August 2019


The Russian Geographical Society announces the launch of a competition for participation in the International Summer School of the Russian Geographical Society, which will be held from August 17th to 25th in Moscow and the Kaluga Region. Everyone of the age 18 to 35 is welcome for participation.

As part of the program, participants will exchange experience, knowledge and ideas of community initiatives in the field of geography and related sciences, meet with well-known public figures, increase their level of competence, develop universal leadership skills, learn effective methods of project management and work with human capital, as well as acquire such skills as public speaking and presenting.

This year the project program will be divided into thematic blocks:

  • Russian geographical society: “We are discovering Russia again. Together!”;
  • “Youth in the field of humanitarian international cooperation”;
  • “Geography for all”;
  • “Project Laboratory”;
  • “Laboratory of competence development”.

According to the results of each participant’s activity of the Summer School, those who achieve the most outstanding results during the project, will receive a special award - the “Ambassador of the RGS” title which is the opportunity to do an internship at the Executive Directorate of the Russian Geographical Society and take part in preparation and implementation of the Society's projects.

Participants who receive the title of “Ambassador of the Russian Geographical Society” will be able to represent the activities of the Russian Geographical Society at events of various levels and implement their own projects that meet the goals and objectives of the Russian Geographical Society under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society. The organizers will also offer the award recipients to start up the Youth Club or the center of the RGS abroad.

A prerequisite for participation in the project is knowledge of the English language. Applications must be submitted before June 20th, 2019 by completing the questionnaire on the youth portal.

The organizers cover travel expenditures from the place of residence to the venue of the event and back, as well as accommodation and meals for participants during the Summer School of the Russian Geographical Society. More information can be found in the Concept of the Summer School of the Russian Geographical Society.