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Participant selection for the Kostenki expedition started

8 June 2017

The Russian Geographical Society invites everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 to apply for participation in the Kostenki expedition to be held from 10 July to 10 August.

The purpose is to conduct archaeological excavations of the Upper Paleolithic relics in the Voronezh Region. Participants will see the famous museum-reserve ‘Kostenki’ abound with the most ancient monuments of culture in Russia.

Volunteers will study dwellings made of mammoth bones, dated for more than 20 thousand years old. They also will witness diggings of occupation layers aged from 30 to 40 thousand years. The research programme includes lectures on archeology of the Upper Paleolithic (origin of man, birth of ancient art, culture of mammoth hunters, etc.) and visit to the ‘Kostenki’ museum-reserve.

The Russian Geographical Society offers accommodation and food in the campsite to accepted applicants. Travel to Voronezh and back is covered by participants themselves. Accommodation is possible in tent campsite and in specially equipped lodges. Participants will have electricity, running well water, summer shower, gas stove, mobile connection and the Internet. There are regular bus links to Voronezh.

To participate please fill the application form. Application deadline is 18 June 2017.

For more information please see the Regulations.